Police stopping a car on Newbury Road last autumn.

Disrupting criminal activity in rural North Hampshire is the key focus of an operation being mounted by Hampshire Constabulary.

Teams from the rural Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) from the Basingstoke policing district, will be out in force on the evening of Friday, February 8, as part of a drive to tackle anti-social behaviour, burglary and other related offences.


A number of marked police vehicles will travel in convoy to town centres across the district, including Whitchurch, Overton, Kingsclere and Tadley, and officers will mount proactive patrols, conduct vehicle stop-checks and engage with local communities.

Officers and PCSOs from Whitchurch and Tadley police stations, Countrywatch officers and Community Safety Patrol Officers (CSPOs) from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council will be involved in the operation.

A "traffic management" camera was installed recently in Whitchurch.


Rural SNT Inspector Darren Rawlings said: “Feedback received from members of the rural community has shaped the way this operation is being run and it has been planned around common community priorities, such as tackling anti-social behaviour and using high-visibility patrols to help prevent burglaries and theft of valuable plant equipment.

“I want to make the rural area of Basingstoke a hostile place to commit crime. My team is committed to relentlessly pursing offenders and bringing them to justice.”


PC Rich Baldwin, beat officer for Overton, who has been instrumental in the planning of this operation said: “Officers will also be available for members of the public to speak to and discuss and concerns they may have so I would encourage people to come out and talk to us.

“We will be tweeting live during the operation, follow @BasingstokeCops for the latest information.”


Police stated that this American-styled car seen in Whitchurch last weekend was not one of theirs.

You can also speak to your local SNT officer by calling 101.


Update: the following statement was sent out on the Hampshire Constabulary Facebook account this afternoon.


Did you know you can now receive a fine if you’re caught cycling in the dark without lights?

The Cycle Defect Rectification Scheme was launched on February 4 and means police can now issue £30 fines to cyclists without lights between sunset and sunrise.

Cyclists can avoid the fine by taking their T61 ticket to an approved cycle shop and buying lights, asking staff to stamp or sign the PINK part of the T61.

Cyclists would then return the T61 to the Summary Justice Unit and would receive no further action.

Sergeant Darren Ord will be taking questions about the Cycle Defect Rectification Scheme on Facebook on Tuesday, February 12 from 12pm.

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  • blue fox

    As a “responsible” motorist and cyclist, I fully support any initatives to make our roads safer for all users and would urge the police to stop and fine ALL lawbreakers (including those who park on pavements, in disabled bays etc.)
    PS Anyone any idea who owns the decrepit white van continually parked in Test Road? Looks as though it belongs on a tip, not on the public highway!

  • Malcolm McDonald

    Yes the Police. And the same person ownes a majority of the vehicles that are strategicaly pllaced oround the Town with foreign registration plates

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