Basingstoke and Deane Councillors again discussed the proposals to increase the planned number of houses for Whitchurch and Overton as part of a scrutiny ‘call-in’ by Cllr Keith Watts, and supported by a number of other Councillors.

On Thursday evening, the Borough’s Planning and Infrastructure Overview and Scrutiny Committee was examining whether the matter had been handled correctly with all issues being covered.

A report on the meeting will follow in due course but in brief, around a dozen members of the public from Whitchurch and Overton addressed the meeting on various points ranging from querying the democratic process, to the lack of consideration to local infrastructure requirements.

The questioning by the Committee’s other Councillors of Cllr Sherlock, the Cabinet member who is making the final decision, continued into the evening with the Committee finally adjourning to continue on Monday 15th April at 6.30pm.

More to follow.

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  • climo

    My wife submitted the following to the council meeting.
    To the chairman’s credit he did insist that the committee take a few minutes to read it.
    It poses many questions but I doubt there will be any answers forthcoming.

    It is here in full:

  • climo

    The meeting was extraordinary.

    I understand that Councillor Sherlock is directly responsible for the increase of houses planned in Whitchurch from 350 to 550.
    You should watch the webcast to see Councillor Sherlock twist and turn under some close questioning by other councillors. His behaviour was, to put it mildly, amateur and embarrassing. The fun starts about half way through the webcast and is a lesson for all interested in having an efficient and transparent democracy.

    Councillor Sherlock could not show any justification for any increase, neither any conventional, recognised methodology, any research or how he came to that number. He admitted that the 550 figure was directly against the advice of the councils own officers recommendation of less that 350 houses.
    Councillor Sherlock did mention that he wanted to spread the development of the borough out evenly and was using a yet undisclosed method of arriving at the number for Whitchurch and Overton. Apparently he has invented his ‘methodology’ with the help of unknown ‘colleagues’ which he refused to name despite being repeatedly asked by other councillors.

    I find it difficult to believe that any elected official would behave like that or appear to have as little knowledge of his portfolio. The question has to be, ‘Why?’

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