A firework display that was set off last night has caused much concern amongst local residents, highlighting the need for organisers to adhere to the usual firework protocols, especially informing nearby residents of large events.
The Bonfire and Firework ‘season’ is one of oohs and aahs, of children gasping with excitement as rockets explode and colours spread over the skies. But with events come responsibilities too.
Last night’s early evening display near Burgage Field has led to much comment on local social media websites.

Comments that were posted include:

NO WARNING about the industrial size fireworks display!!! It was certainly DANGEROUS as burning projectiles reigned down all over our street… burning debris all over our cars, gardens, gutters and in the street…

…we were showered with debris (the car is literally covered). Our little boy was upset and scared at a time when we were trying to put him to bed.!

Some warning would have been nice so people can make sure their pets are safe & sound indoors.

My partner was out with our dog and had to dodge a couple of rockets flying past his head, my dog was in a right state as she made for home and I’m amazed she didn’t have a heart attack!

Many comments asked that organisers should consult with neighbours, or at least warn them in advance.
So if organising a Fireworks Party it may be best to talk to your neighbours to ensure all is carried out with cooperation.

But let’s move on, this promises to be good

This weekend sees the annual Whitchurch’s Festival Fireworks.

Fireworks at this time of year are a tradition that can give lots of enjoyment, so long as they are safely handled and the Fireworks Code is adhered to. There are many safe and spectacular events held including the fantastic Whitchurch Festival’s event organised on the Millennium Meadow, and being held this Saturday, October 27th.

Here there is plenty of space and it attracts large numbers for what has been the best display in Whitchurch.

Some of last year's fireworks.

Gates open at 5.30pm with the Bonfire at around 6.30pm and the Fireworks half-an-hour later.

During the evening the winners for the Fancy Dress and the Guys ‘n’ Ghouls will be announced and there will be other entertainments – listed are a Carousel, a Candy Floss and Sweets Stall, and hot Food – Burgers, Hot Dogs, Veg Strew.

The Fireworks are scheduled for approximately 7.00pm and if previous years are to go my, they will be out-of-this-world.
The Festival Committee raises funds to enable community events to take place and contributes towards local good causes, so collecting buckets will be out.

Admission to the event is by donation of a recommended £3.00 per adult, and the Committee request that you be kind!
This event is certainly one to look forward to.
The Festival Committee organisers are seeking help on the evening for this community event. If you can assist in any way, for just an hour or so, please Email: WHITCHURCH FESTIVAL.

If arranging your own fireworks display the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has lots of good advice here, along with many of the regulations too:

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