At a Community groups meeting on Wednesday evening there was a unanimous vote of support for opposing the plans to reserve a 20 metre wide strip for a future road at the popular Daniel Park open space. This follows a similar unanimous decision made by Whitchurch Town Council at their full meeting last week.

Ignoring local opinion
In a presentation made by Kathy Edwards and Callum Nicholson, representatives of over 20 local organisations heard how the Borough Council officers are proposing that the vote by local residents to keep the whole park as open space in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee be not honoured.
There was also total bewilderment that a decision made to remove the recommendation at a Council meeting last week seems to be being ignored by the Council officers.

As one representative said:

The Council will cause us to possibly end up with less Park than we have now.
Was that the aim of Fields in Trust? Wasn’t the vote about protecting open space?

Great concern was expressed that any future road would cause increased traffic and danger especially to children attending the Primary School. The school has been asked to comment.

In addition a petition has been started to try and prevent Basingstoke Council taking part of Daniel Park for possible future use as a road. Daisydown Crafts has a petition and Cllr Eric Dunlop has another.
A copy is downloadable here: QEII Field Petition

Sir George Young's letter

Meanwhile Sir George Young has been asked for his views by Steve Climpson, one of the campaigning residents, and is happy that it be reproduced.

The next step
Several residents are aiming to be at the Cabinet meeting in the Basingstoke Civic Offices at 6.30pm next Tuesday to voice opposition to the officers’ plans.
Details of the meeting are HERE

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