Enthusiasm to cooperate
Nearly 20 local groups were represented at last nights meeting for future planning in the White Hart, showing a clear enthusiasm for cooperation between the various town activities. From WADS to Testbourne Teapot, and from Whitchurch Arts to the Silver Threads, all met in the belief that working together produces benefits not just for the individual groups, but also for the wider community.

Support for Volunteers

Those present learned of the workings of the Basingstoke Voluntary Service and how that can help with a whole raft of local group requirements from short workshops to advice on CRB applications.
There was considerable support for a Volunteers Fair early next year as a means for encouragement of active participation and plans are now in hand to investigate this.

A plethora of events for 2010
Those present went through the list of fantastic events being planned for next year ranging from Art Exhibitions and Theatrical Productions, to Fetes and the Festival events. The concept of theming for the year was well received which will encourage greater cooperation in activities, with ‘Mother Earth, Olympics, and the Great Outdoors all being proposed.

Free help for advertising
The meeting heard how this town website can assist in future date planning as well as how groups can have their own sections under their own editorship, as well as use of the fast growing Facebook/Twitter functions to widely circulate news and event information.

Good Causes and Christmas
Rob Dunlop, chair of the Festival Committee, which sees many groups working together, announced the plans for the distribution of this year’s funds for local Good Causes. Nominations are presently being requested with the presentations being made in early December.
This Christmas’s celebrations were also run through, with an evening of events and a day full of organisations working together. Full details of these will be published in due course.

New ideas floated
Several new ideas also discussed, which may or may not happen, showing the enormous creativity and enthusiasm for holding activities in the town.  These ranged from a go-cart race to a bicycling event in tweeds (yes you read that right!), and even to a horse show.
Grateful thanks go to Beth for arranging the meeting and to the White Hart for allowing use of their room.

2011 is certainly looking bright for the town.