Site for the Meadow Centre

At a meeting this week the latest installation planned for the Meadow gained its first green light with plans for an outdoor skating rink next Christmas. However much will depend on whether planning permission for the associated works can be obtained and an application is being drawn up to submit to the Borough Council.

Year long facility
Planning Permission is necessary as the rink’s roof will be a semi-permanent structure, which will also provide a year long facility for outdoor functions to be run on a commercial basis. An exciting addition will be the solar panels which will generate power for the cooling systems and be in keeping with the environmental focus of the Meadow.

Investment is to come from a mix of local support and businesses who will also be tasked with running the ‘Meadow Centre’ with concerts, wedding receptions and even paint-balling weekends.

Meadow Fair
The first event will be a special Meadow Fair and residents are being asked to send in their ideas of what it should include. Please use the Comment below.

Whitchurch Fair Poll
Later this year it is hoped to run an online Whitchurch Fair Poll so all residents can have a further say on the best ideas submitted.

Comments (2)

  • Meadow volunteer

    I would like to suggest a Winter Summer Picnic on ice with the Maypole decorated with Xmas lights and traditional maypole dancing on skates.
    Sheep on ice in Santa’s hats will be a welcome addition as they might as well help to control stinging nettles.

  • Jeff Brickwell

    hmmm perhaps an April Fool ?

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