Friday evening:
Having spent a couple of days exploring his new surroundings he is now back ‘home’, having been alerted by other local Whitchurch mousers to the postings on social media websites.
It is reported that he’s currently scoffing biscuits in the kitchen!
His owner thanks everyone for their help.

Of course Cocoa, being a cat, does not recognise any such concept as ownership, and reserves the right to go off exploring at any time he wishes.

Original Article

From the town’s Facebook page:

Could people keep an eye out for this little chap please, especially in the London Road area near the Prince Regent or the houses round the back – name is Cocoa, 6 year old rescue cat, went missing yesterday but had only been outside since we’ve had him for the first time the day before that, and only briefly.

Has anyone seen Cocoa?

Likely to be hungry, he may hiss or growl at humans but he’s never ever scratched, bitten or anything nasty.

Any information or sightings since midday yesterday (Thursday) please call 01256 896165 or 07891743696.

Thank you

The town website will also pass messages on if anyone can help.

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