New Co-Op shop opening times proposed: 7am to 10pm

The Co-Op food store in the Square has applied to B&DBC to vary its license for alcohol sales and adjust its opening times.

In their application, the Co-Op states that they would like to start selling alcohol at 7am instead of 8am to coincided with their planned new opening time. They also intend to shut the shop no later than 10pm instead of 11pm. Actual opening hours can vary – this is just the maximum range they wish to have.

Other proposed changes include removing some restrictions on licensing hours on Bank Holidays and Religious Holidays.

The plan’s code number with B&DBC is 10/00516/PREMV. Further details are available from the B&DBC licensing team on 01256 844844 or email

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  • Good with food

    All this will done with the same number of staff.
    They will be bullied , sorry , requested to work later and start earlier.
    During the day , you will notice staff are even thinner on the ground than current.

    Next Tesco will open a bit earlier and shut a bit later , then coop will shut a bit later and open…

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