A message from the Mayor and Mayoress for Christmas and beyond.

‘Small Town – Big Heart’

That’s the way I describe, to those who do not know it, the town I have always lived in, and I love. ?The Mayoress and I have been overwhelmed by the generous spirit that is the people of Whitchurch Hampshire on the famous River Test in the North of the County. It has a unique gift, in its unquantifiable way, of making welcome visitors, whether here for an hour or so visiting the famous Silk Mill, or visiting friends and family or moving in to live.

Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr Barry Jackman and his wife Sandra Jackman

Although a Councillor for some years, and Mayor in the past, this year is very special as it gives us another opportunity to promote the town and its wonderful people. As you would expect we have been rightly busy calling into as many folks as is possible showing our appreciation for all that happens here. The Mayoress and I treat serving our Town a privilege. It overwhelms us when we meet with and realise how much that happens in our Town is at the hands of volunteers, who without thought of reward or gain, but out love and concern for others, do so tirelessly. We should be thankful for what we have and where we are fortunate to live. It is our joy to honour them during our Mayoral year. We also remember those who over the Christmas period have to work, or just want to work in serving us with essential services. Also spare a thought for those for whom Christmas may not be so happy.

During 2011 the Town has had some notable successes, firstly with being top in the country in the BT Faster Broadband campaign, with work already underway which will benefit all in our local community and surrounding villages and hamlets.
Secondly we were top in our campaign to have a Queen Elizabeth II Field recognised and dedicated to Whitchurch for all time. We enjoyed the Christmas in Whitchurch organised and run by the town shopkeepers, brilliant and the fantastic window scrolls, still not too late to look.
A campaign which is on up to Christmas day (hope you voted) lifts our hope that you will see the Olympic Torch come through our Town and local villages in 2012.
We trust that you will get involved in the future planning of the town and support those planning Diamond Jubilee celebrations supported by the town council, look out for further information via the official community run website www.whitchurch.org.uk

If you are reading this and are moved to visit us here at Whitchurch, get in touch on the town council website www.whitchurchtowncouncil.org.uk or www.whitchurch.org.uk and we will endeavour to make your visit special. We look forward to meeting and supporting many more folks during the coming months to the end of our year as Mayor and Mayoress.

Finally Sandra and I trust that you will be blessed this Christmas with happiness, peace, and sincere loving friends and family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Cllr Barry J Jackman and Mrs Sandra Jackman
Whitchurch Town Council, Hampshire.

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