Some fantastic plans are being put together by the town’s shopkeepers for this year’s Christmas festivities in the town, including a late night opening and an innovative Christmas windows competition based on fairy tales and being led by Pauline Choppen of the Bridal Shop.

Such is the excitement that over 25 of the town centre businesses have already ‘signed up’.

Many of the shops and businesses will be providing additional attractions and special offers which will be advertised here on this website.

For full details call Pauline on 01256 895670.

Thursday 1st December will be a great evening with the Christmas Lights switch on, the launch and unveiling of the windows competition, late night opening of the shops and the Craft Fair at the Gill Nethercott Centre.
Mark the date now.

Here is the taster for the window competition – and something about those mice!

Mark the date


The Fun will begin

• • • • •

Once upon a time in the beautiful
town of Whitchurch……….

……….lived a girl who one day whilst on her way to the town saw a scroll
pinned to a notice board. The girl unpinned the scroll and began to read

it told of the shop keepers having an idea,
that would bring out the townsfolk,
and add Christmas cheer.

In each of the windows a scroll there would be,
up and down the streets you’ll go look to see.
Walking the Whitchurch mile,
your face will show a great smile,
telling of stories, tales and rhyme,
you’ll be stood there reading for quite some time!

As the girl carried on reading she noticed a grand competition was going to be held.
“Oh what do I have to do” said the girl

Within every shop holding a letter are little white mice,
hidden in a shoe,
Shhh, that’s a clue,
remember some letters may be repeated twice!

Find every letter and put them together,
and if you get it right,
you may have a chance to win a Christmas delight!

“Oh” said the girl “what fun this will be. When does it start”.

All rolled up tight with satin bow,
Some up high some down low.
Until one very special night,
when Whitchurch will come alight,
with red, purple, blue
yellow and green to.

And on that night the Christmas scrolls will be on show,
along with the mice for all the townsfolk to have a go!

The End.

• • • • •


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