Each year the Whitchurch Welfare Trust distributes Christmas Cheer to individuals and organisations based in Whitchurch.

This year, the total value of the Christmas 2010 distribution was £5,110.

Small gifts of money, flowers or Christmas hampers, were sent to about 100 individuals, including people who have been seriously ill or recently bereaved.  Donations were also sent to local organisations covering a range of age groups and interests, including both Whitchurch Primary and Testbourne Community Schools, the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Kingfisher Trust, the Lunch Club, the Whitchurch Carers’ group, the Ambulance and Fire Stations, Testbourne Teapot (parents and toddlers), the Youth Project, and the Guides and Brownies.

The Trust’s main objective is to provide financial help for people suffering hardship or distress, and also for students towards the costs of their training courses.  The Trust’s income comes from a number of legacies, the oldest dating back over 300 years!

The Trustees welcome applications, in writing, from local organisations and individuals, addressed to:

The Whitchurch Welfare Trust
c/o Town Hall
Newbury Street
RG28 7DW

Or via the Trust’s website – www.whitchurchwelfaretrust.org.uk

Registered Charity no 204378