The return journey has now begun.

18-year old Chris Miller who is raising funds for a dedicated youth centre for the young people of Whitchurch has now climbed Ben Nevis and is on his cycle ride back home.

Having climbed to the top of the UK’s highest mountain, Chris announced:

“The views were amazing as we climbed but beyond 1200ft we were in the thick cloud that hung low over the mountain. The air was thick with white mist and we could hardly see ahead of us however, we did manage to navigate our way to the peak safely (which we were warned would be difficult) but once we were there we did not stick around for long as the weather was treacherous.”

On the mountain Chris met another guy, who actually had his bike with him, so he could cycle back down!

The following day Chris woke up in some discomfort due to the complete change of muscles required for climbing compared to cycling – so decided to take an extra day of recovery. The route back is being adjusted which will now cut off a few miles, and of course everyone knows the ride back is easier – cyclists joke that it’s all downhill from Scotland!
The weather forecast for the week is good too with some fine sunny spells to come.

The return
Chris is still planning to return next Saturday (October 1st) at around 2.00pm when a celebration will be held at the White Hart. Everyone is invited to come along and join in the Welcome Home, and perhaps even raise some more funds.
Details are HERE

So far Chris has raised nearly £4500 towards the Whitchurch Youth Centre Trust and he thanks all those who are helping to make the dream of a Youth Centre a reality for Whitchurch.

The town website team – keen cyclists themselves – also join with the town in thanking Chris and his support team for their vision for the future for the town’s young people.

For details of how to sponsor Chris see:

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