Many children with their families found chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. There was an Easter egg hunt at All Hallows and on the Meadow.

On the Meadow, dozens of trees had large chocolate eggs hidden in them. Older children were given a challenge: a twig from a particular kind of tree or bush was given to them, and they had to find it on the Meadow, and then find the egg hidden in it. All were found! Smart kids in Whitchurch!

Thanks are extended to the White Hart who donated the eggs at the Meadow’s hunt – story and pictures HERE.

At All Hallows, all the worshippers were given an Easter egg. This followed the Liturgy of the Resurrection in which they greeted the Risen Christ in a vivid ceremony involving the lighting of the Paschal candle, music, bells, the renewal of baptismal vows and sprinkling with water from the font. Children searched the grounds of the church for their eggs with considerable success.

Easter egg hunt has been part of All Hallows Easter celebrations for many years – a very generous member of the congregation acts as the Easter Bunny – I suspect she’d rather not be named – and the children race around the church grounds after the Easter Sunday service and collect the eggs. It’s the culmination of a weekend which involves the children in celebrating the Easter story. On Good Friday we have a family service followed by a walk in Longparish where the children collect bits and pieces for the Easter garden, then go back to the church room for a picnic and making the garden. Then they take part in the service on Easter Sunday and finish with the egg hunt!

(thanks given to Rev. Kelvin Inglis, Mary Milne and Katya Popova who contributed to this story)