A landmark to some may now be gone forever: a children’s teddy – Whitchurch’s version of ‘Paddington Bear’ – that hibernated on the roof of the train station’s waiting room was swept away by workers who cut back the roof this weekend.

The lopping off of a couple feet – of the roof not the teddy – were necessary in order to permit the larger “A10” freight carriages to pass through Whitchurch – see our story back in July about that HERE.

The waiting room roof and the awnings of the main station house were painted thoroughly over the weekend, too. Further work is still required to trim the main beams which are now exposed. The foreman told this website that other supporting beams were taken away for a quality inspection.

The pole holding the railway sign on Station Rd, however, was not part of the painting works. Nor was the footpath bridge, as it is the responsibility of Network Rail.

The station master said, “I noticed the Teddy gone this morning – I looked everywhere including the bins, but I could not find it.”

Have you seen the teddy?

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or have information about the whereabouts of the missing teddy should contact this website on contact@whitchurch.org.uk – a small reward is offered.

It has already been suggested that another teddy should be found to keep watch over the station.

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