What an amazing response.

From a visit by the Mayor to Whitchurch Primary School in the summer, and a brief talk about the town’s decorated bollard project came an amazing response, far far more than was ever expected. It seems the project has really captured the imagination of the children, perhaps as someone said, because children are often at the same height as the bollards!
The whole school set about creating a mass of colourful designs.

A fantastic array…
Incredibly, over 300 were produced incorporating a fantastic array of ideas ranging from buses going up and down hills to pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Rivers, fish, and nature also featured strongly as would be expected, showing a deep knowledge and empathy with the town’s location and its environment. Meanwhile skateboards and space travel indicated some specific interests.
The creativity showed no bounds, but how to choose which were to go to the next stage?

The Mayor and Mayoress admire just a few of the many designs from local children.

“That’s mine…”
With the help of the school, 42 were selected for show at the Exhibition organised by Whitchurch Arts last weekend in the Gill Nethercott Centre. Many proud children brought along their parents and friends to show them their works of art.
“That’s mine” was a regular cry, while small hands tugged at parent’s coats, and fingers excitedly pointed towards the display.

The next stage…
The Town Mayor and Mayoress Barry and Sandra Jackman were kindly present to discuss all the designs and listened to the views from those attending. Ideas from a number of the drawings are now going to be further worked up to produce a school-childrens’ bollard.
The final design will be presented to the full Town Council by some of the young children themselves, emphasising the community nature of the art project, as well as showing them just how the Town Council works.

Mrs Dyer's Class on one bollard (click to enlarge)

A credit…
Arrangements are also underway for further display of the work, the quality of which cannot be described as anything but astounding.

It is a credit to both the children and the school.

The Whitchurch Community Arts Project also sends its thanks to the Mayor and Mayoress for encouraging this mass show of creativity and to the school for running the activity.
One wonders if 300 bollard designs is not a World Record!

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