Some cycles waiting to be checked,

Around 50 children took their bikes to Whitchurch Primary School yesterday, where many had them checked over in readiness for safe summer holiday fun. Others had chosen to take cycles as part of their class’s Marble Party.
When the children do good things at school they get marbles as rewards and when they fill their jar they get a party of their choosing.
They chose cycling.

The school bike shed was overflowing as tyres, handlebars, brakes and saddles were checked for faults by Whitchurch-based Hampshire Cycle Training. Advice was left where work on the bikes was necessary, with most relating to brakes.
Free copies of the advice leaflet are available by email – request copies via the HCT Contact Form.

Fun on two wheels
Meanwhile later in the afternoon children were allowed to ride on the field and playground, with some joining in an impromptu slow bicycle race, a good exercise for developing cycle handling skills. The wide smiles showed how much children like cycling and the freedom and independence it can offer.

Arrange your own cycling sessions
Further information on enjoying cycling in and around Whitchurch is available at
Whitchurch Cycling, and fun cycling sessions with a focus on an introduction to safe riding can also be arranged for all in Whitchurch through HCT.

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