Whitchurch Childminders

Using the home environment for childminding can be one of the most satisfying means of childcare for all involved, and Whitchurch is very lucky to have a dedicated group of registered childminders.
The Whitchurch Childminding Group has been formed by local childminders who work together to arrange a whole series of exciting and educational activities for the youngsters. They can be relied upon to give the best possible service.

Real-life experiences…
Advantages of such childcare include the experience of real-life activities – cooking, shopping, trips to play in the park. Most days the local group organise an activity, be it a treasure hunt, a farm visit, or with the nice weather a trip to the seaside with the buckets and spades.

Flexibility is a norm in such childcare, as activities can be changed dependent on weather or other local circumstances, not always available in other forms of care.

The Whitchurch group also offer support to each other in sharing experiences and good practice, keeping abreast of new legislation and training needs. Such close liaison benefits all.

Contact the Group or to seek a childminder…
Anyone interested in joining the group, or who needs a childminder can contact
Kathy Hardy on 01256 893170 or email at KATHY

There is a short film here on the benefits of Childminding:


Vivienne Barker 01256 892103 or email: VIVIENNE
Ali Burdett 01256 893298 or email: ALI
Sue Clarke email: SUE
Nicki Cook email: NIKKI
Natalia Coughtrey 07899770459 or email: NATALIA
Liz Goodridge 01256 896629 or email: LIZ
Kathy Hardy 01256 893170 or email: KATHY
Katie Hardy 01256 895977 or email: KATIE
Caroline Jolly 01256 896430
Rose Luff 01256 892700
Suzanne Smith 01256 895861 or email: SUZANNE


Please note that for security issues the email contacts go direct to the individuals NOT through this website.

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