Stagecoach are making some changes to their bus timetables as from this coming Monday (April 14th).

Mostly times for the buses that serve Whitchurch remain unchanged or have been adjusted just a few minutes, for example the 0744 from the Square to Andover, will now be running three minutes later, while the 0834 schoolday service to Winchester is listed as departing at 0844.

However, the biggest difference is that the 76/86 buses that leave Basingstoke Bus Station will no longer be calling at Basingstoke Railway Station.
This will mean that anyone catching a bus at the Top of the Town/Winton Square in Basingstoke, or anywhere on the route in the Overton/Whitchurch, and to Winchester and Andover may find the bus running a couple of minutes earlier than at present.

The buses still go to the railway station on their inward journey.

So best advice is to check, and don’t get caught out.

Timetables can be downloaded from the Stagecoach website:

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