Who would do such a thing?

?IMG_0979Banners for the Black Tie Charity Gala at Longmeadow Arena – Whitchurch Social Club on 5th August, are being targeted by some who it seems may have taken a dislike to them.

Vanished without trace
The Banner pictured on the left which was placed close to the cross roads at Hurstbourne Priors has completely vanished without a trace. Organizers where alerted to this on Saturday afternoon after a member of the public noticed it was gone, and stopped to search for it after assuming it had maybe been blown down. As it turns out the Banner is nowhere to be seen and has totally vanished.

Not the first time
This is not the first mysterious happening as their banner at the end of Bere Hill was removed in recent weeks and placed behind the bin at the Bere Hill bus stop.

“Very saddened”
Organiser’s who are putting on the event to raise funds for The Children’s Heart Federation are very saddened that it seem’s someone may have taken a dislike to the banners.

If anyone knows anything about the missing banner or would like to return it they can contact Whitchurch Social Club HERE via their facebook page, or return it to the club.

For anyone who may be interested in attending the event full details can be found HERE>. Tickets are available for £18 per person or £160 for a table of ten.