The new 30mph speed limit boundary.

With the opening of the Railway bridge at the top of Newbury Road there have also been changes to the speed limits for drivers entering and leaving town, with a length of road now becoming deregulated. But as well as the signs having been moved they are now partially hidden.

The 30mph limit used to commence at the town ‘gateway/fish’ signs but it has now been moved closer to town, and is now on northern edge of the bridge and closer to the Station Road/Bere Hill/Newbury Road crossing.

However, it has already been noted the one of the speed limit roundels is partially obscured by the roadside hedgerow and cannot be seen until road users are very close.

The road roundels remain at the 'gateway'.

The road is already noted for traffic breaking the limits and is sometimes the location for the automatic mobile speed limit reminder signs. There is a fear that this may now become worse.

However at the time of writing, the large 30mph roundels painted on the road by ‘gateway’ signs do remain. It is not known whether these will also be removed.

Meanwhile, on other speed issues, the town still awaits information as to whether any of it will be included within a 20mph trial being run by Hampshire County Council. Campaigners calling for such a reduction say that no journey would take more than an extra 60 seconds – the time it takes to tie children’s shoelaces.
They have dubbed the campaign as ‘The Whitchurch Minute’ and claim that such a limit would improve the Whitchurch environment for all.

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  • Steve Wright

    It would be interesting to know why this change has happened.

    It often occurred to me that whilst it was probably unlikely that people had slowed down to 30 by the fish signs, it meant there was a sporting chance they had done by the bridge, meaning they weren’t speeding past the crossroads.

    Now, if you haven’t prepared for slowing down ahead of actually being able to see the 30 sign on the bridge, you are almost certain to be speeding past the crossroads….

    Ed. note- these points have been made to BDBC

  • Angry Man

    I understand from Keith Watts the change was requested by the police and the town council agreed.

    The worry was that the 30mph limit being so far out from the residential areas of Whitchurch meant that many drivers were ignoring the 30mph limit resulting in speeding traffic at the top of Newbury Road.

  • Steve Wright

    Ignoring it on the way in or way out?

    How about a “30 limit in X hundred yards” – I’ve seen those before.

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