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Whitchurch Surgery has a new partner
Whitchurch Surgery in Bell Street has welcomed a new partner with the arrival of Dr Omed Jaff who started this week.

Dr Jaff has been working as a GP locum at a surgery in Crawley, Sussex, and has a special interest in Dermatology. He will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday afternoons and Fridays. He is warmly welcomed to the town.

This follows the departure of Dr Louise Walsh who left the practice in August, having been a partner since 2006. All best wishes go to her from the many patients she has treated.

Meanwhile Dr Audrey Boucher will be reducing her surgeries and will be available on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

Full details of the Surgery and all the services offered can be found on its web pages at WHITCHURCH SURGERY.

Changes to Out-of-Hours Service GP Service
From 6.30pm this evening (Tuesday 2nd October), if urgent medical treatment and advice is required when the surgery is closed you should call:

Hampshire Doctors on Call : 01962 718697*

Monday – Thursday: 6.30pm – 8.00am
Friday 6.30pm – Monday 8.00am
All day on Bank Holidays

* later this Autumn this number of the out-hours-hours service is to change to 111

For life threatening medical emergencies call 999

Comments (2)

  • Karen Stapleford

    It’s currently easier to get blood out of a stone than secure an advance appointment with Dr Boucher, so it’s going to get worse.

  • Christine

    Yes Karen totally agree, at end of September I was told there was no appointments available with Dr Boucher until November, but they couldnt book me in for November yet, when is it you can actually try and get an appointment ???

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