Breaking news just in is that there are to be changes to the management of the Whitchurch Silk Mill, the town’s most important heritage attraction.

Directors resign
It has been reported that four of the Directors of the Mill have now resigned and as a result an interim Board has been appointed.

Over half a million in grants
This move comes on news that the Mill had halted weaving due to financial difficulties that could have ended with the doors being closed.
Over the last ten years the Mill has received over half-a-million pounds in grants from Basingstoke and Deane and Hampshire County Council, in addition to funding from other sources. Yet it was still losing money.

Encouraging support
Over the last few weeks several people have been working hard to encourage support for the Mill. This latest news may allow fresh faces and ideas to come to the surface. It is very early days but Mill could be on the dawn of a new era.

There is a meeting being held this Wednesday to which everyone who has an interest in the Mill and its future are invited.
Further information will be available then.

Wednesday 25th July
Whitchurch Parish Hall


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  • Eric Dunlop

    I shall be attending on Wednesday and be interested to hear how the Silk Mill management arrived at this situation. Over half a million pounds in grants is reported to have been received by the Mill plus the opportunity to expand the site for visitors. Have all of those chances been fully optimised?
    I together with Lord Denning spent a great deal of effort working with Hampshire Buildings Trust to save the mill back in 1986. The plan was to create a tourist attraction, what has happened to those plans?

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