Have you seen this car?

With this Saturday’s Carnival Procession looming ever closer, one group of hard-working fundraisers are disappointed that they cannot take part to raise even more for local good causes.

Award winners
A fantastic set of four vehicles had been built by Mario and Friends for last month’s Pub Race where the team took both the Awards for best ‘Costume’ and for ‘Most donations collected on the day’.

Target of thieves
But joy led to disaster as three of the distinctive vehicles became the target of vehicle thieves. Luigi, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong went missing while they were parked up at the Sports and Social Club.

Plans thwarted
The plans to use them in the Carnival Procession have now been thwarted with a team member announcing today that:
“we will not be doing the carnival this year because we still have our cars missing”

Despite all efforts the culprits have yet to be found.
Someone must know something!

The report of the theft was published HERE

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