Due to very heavy rain the 2011 Carnival Procession unfortunately had to be postponed, although the Fete was still held at the Primary School.

It had been hoped it might be rescheduled, but we have now received a message from the Festival Chairman, Rob Dunlop, who has told the town website:

“We’ve taken time to discuss the possible rescheduling of the Procession in September and, unfortunately, we feel it’s not going to be possible due to timescale, cost and commitments to upcoming events such as the Fireworks display and the We’ll Meet Again event.”

Rob went on to say:

“It really is a shame and it’s been a decision the committee has not taken lightly as the procession and fete is something that not only the local community can take part in and enjoy but is also a great platform for local groups, clubs and charities to use for promotion and fundraising.”

The Festival volunteers do a great job, but just sometimes the unpredictable UK weather gets in the way of outdoor events, and this year was very unfortunate. However, whilst the Procession was cancelled, the rain did stop for the Fete and a great time was had by all who attended.
The Procession and Fete are still planned for 2012 and the dates will be confirmed later this year.

We’ll Meet Again and Fireworks
Meanwhile the hard-working Festival committee are presently planning the two autumn events which are highlights on the annual calendar, providing much fun and entertainment for the whole town, as well as raising funds for local good causes.

A report and pictures of the Fete are HERE