Did you know that Whitchurch Town Council is responsible for the care of trees in the cemetery and the recreation grounds in Alliston Way and Kingsley Park?

Volunteer Tree Wardens
To help it carry out this responsibility the Council has appointed two volunteer Tree Wardens and one of them, Mike Fletcher, has carried out a full survey of the condition of all 86 trees.  Mike will be monitoring their condition regularly so that the Council can plan and budget for any necessary works.  About £2,000 has been set aside for this in 2013/14.

Ivy and Bees…
All the trees are in a good condition at the moment with only a few things to watch, in particular the weight of ivy on any that are vulnerable.  But it is not a simple matter of removing ivy because, as well as being a habitat for many creatures, it is a very important late food for bees.  One bee keeper has told the Council that her bees get about 50% of their winter stores from it.

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