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A car was clamped and a huge fine notice attached at the private car park near the railway station.

The Basingstoke & Deane Council is planning to introduce new restrictions on where people can park their cars in Whitchurch; and have removed restrictions in the town centre car parks. A change to the start of the northern 30mph zone has been proposed, too.

Also, companies that run private car parks – like those near the railway station – have made an example of cars that don’t display a ticket.

The 4-hour limit on the Bell Street Car Park has been ‘informally lifted’.

Cllr Watts said, “The restriction has been informally lifted on Bell Street [car park] so it is de facto unlimited 24 hour parking. This is the place for residents and people who work in the town centre to park.”

The smaller car park on Church Street may also see its 4-hour limit changed.

Cllr Watts said, “After being lobbied by a local business I proposed that the limit should be reduced from four hours to one hour to make it a ‘shoppers Car Park’.”

He continued, “I understand that the Town Council opposed this because it is used by residents in Church Street.  I believe that the Bell Street Car Park is only a short walk for them and have suggested that the Town Council should consult the retailers.”

Changes to on-street parking were announced through a road traffic order proposal dated 2nd February 2012.

Cllr Watts said, “The decisions that came out of a site meeting last June have at last been advertised in the form of a Road Traffic Order.”

The proposal creates new parking restrictions on Lynch Hill Park at Dances Lane; Bicester Close; Kingsley Park; and Micheldever Road. Some restrictions are proposed for removal on Bicester Close and Kingsley Park.

Parking in private car parks can be expensive as some people discovered this week. Two cars were ticketed and clamped near the railway station earlier this week.

One clamped car had a sticker in its window demanding a payment of £365 with the possibility of a further £125 towage and £17.50 per day storage fees.

The signs in the car park said a charge notice would be £80 and a wheel clamp removal £125. The ticket machine requires a payment of £3.50 for all-day parking.

The fine may have included unpaid fines from previous infractions.

The traffic order proposals from B&DBC are HERE. Parking orders for other areas of Whitchurch are “awaiting implementation” according to B&DBC (maps: north, central)
Tips on fighting private car park fines can be found on the Money Saving Expert website HERE.

Micheldever Road

Kingsley Park

Lynch Hill Park at Dances Lane

Bicester Close

The Knowlings

Newbury Street 30mph

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  • lyn fuoco

    The Dances lane parking problem is caused by police parking their cars in the area.
    I’m amused by the changes which are about to cause most of their staff to be ticketed.

  • Karen Stapleford

    The space where the car in the photo was clamped does not obviously seem to be part of the station, so I don’t see why it should have been ticketed.
    And the council must have known that when they started imposing strret parking restrictions near the station that all they would do would move the parking further away (they’ve had to go right down Evingar Road now). I assume it will never be solved unless the whole of Whitchurch has restricted parking!

  • Kevin Lucas

    The Micheldever Road restrictions are obviously just for the school traffic. Unfortunately no one has agreed that parked cars, whilst causing a bit of delay for those parents not wanting to walk their children to school and subsequently get a bit of exercise, also reduce the speed of the cars. Parents racing to get their children to school will no doubt, in the future, have an unrestricted raceway up Micheldever Road. Children crossing to get to Testbourne School will have to be very careful. When rain hits and they are in a rush and drivers, as we all know show no consideration, Micheldever Road is going to be a very dangerous place for secondary school kids………..

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