Centre: Commander Eddy Grenfell and Lieutenant Commander Dykes.

The town website has just been informed that Eddie Grenfell, who joined with Whitchurch resident Roy Dykes, to campaign for – and get! – an Arctic Star medal, passed away shortly after 8am this morning.

Roy Dykes, who understandably is upset at this sad news, added, “I am still trying to get the Russian medal for him. I have written to the Russian embassy.”

Last year, Eddie Grenfell came to Whitchurch — see our story on that HERE.

Our condolences to the family.

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  • Graham Burgess

    The pure threads of human commitment run through our community and whilst sometimes things are hidden it is like a tapestry and the picture at the end of it is strong and rich. What did the heroes fight for ? So many things that provide substance to our society. The local pub where people of all ages can meet and The Bell was where Roy gladly accepted Graham Burgess’s suggestion that Whitchurch present a medal in spite of the Government at that time not doing so. The Presentation was designed to include all ages and all political parties for that is another thing the heroes fought for and won.
    Eddie Grenfell was very much moved by the fact that the plan at the presentation at The Gill Nethercott Centre included a grand-child of our then Mayor. Family and up- and- coming generations put before politics and status .
    The medal is beautiful and Grahams interest was inspired to see if the firm that did it could be included in the tendering process to save our country thousands of pounds in costs for the national medals.

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