In a late twist to the confusion over the future of the evening services to Whitchurch and to the whole Basingtoke/Andover No76 route, Hampshire County Councillor for Whitchurch & Clere Tom Thacker has confirmed that the service will not now be cut.

Good news
This will be good news, and a major relief to those who use the bus to reach employment and leisure activities, especially at the smaller places along the route.

Service reinstated after HCC questionned
In addition Stagecoach yesterday replaced the timetable showing the cuts with a new revised one that includes the now reinstated services.
The timetable can be downloaded from HERE – Stagecoach No.76

Uncertainty remains over funding
However it remains uncertain who called for the bus service to be cut as the local press has reported that Stagecoach had been asked for it to be reduced by HCC, and indeed it seems Stagecoach responded to that in their published timetables.
Neither is it clear who provides the subsidy, as Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council was believed to provide the financial support, raising questions as to why HCC would ask for a service cut.

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