Bloswood Lane Allotments

An outline application to build houses on the Allotments at Bloswood Lane has been submitted to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.

The proposals are to be discussed at the Whitchurch Town Council Meeting on Monday evening (23rd September) when a presentation is being made by Mr Richard Cross on behalf of St Cross the landowners, to the Development Committee.

Plans are for 36 homes, relocation of the allotments, and a community orchard.

The application is for:

“the erection of 36 new homes with associated access, open space and landscaping and the change of use of adjoining land to provide replacement allotments, and new community orchards (with ancillary car parking and storage buildings) and associated landscaping including access.”

The plans show:

10 x 2-bed homes
15 x 3-bed homes
10 x 4-bed homes
1 x 5-bed home

Access would be from Caesars Way.
Allotments would be relocated to the north and there would be a community orchard incorporated.

Public comment
Prior to the Town Council meeting, and by prior arrangement, members of the public are permitted to address the Council on any subject pertinent to the Agenda. The Council reserves the right to put a time limit on representation.

Comment can also be made on the application to Basingstoke and Deane, who, being the local planning authority, will make the decision.

The meeting commences at 7.30pm

The application and plans:
The application is:
No. 13/01522/OUT Land adjoining Caesars Way, Whitchurch
The application can be viewed on Basingstoke and Deane’s planning site: HERE.

Previous report
This website’s previous report is HERE.

Comments (3)

  • Jacqui

    I haven’t read all of it yet, but it looks like there isn’t enough parking (not even 2 spaces per house on average, for 2-5 bed houses).

    I also wonder where their consideration of how the extra cars on the road will affect the town centre, which already comes to a standstill at rush hour. All the cars will have to come via the centre of town as far as I can tell, unless they are going to St Mary Bourne, and I suspect they will all want to get to the schools, the A34 junctions or to the B3400.

  • climo

    Re House building:
    This doesn’t fit with the other proposed building sites in Whitchurch at all. It’s generally accepted that there will be 350 houses built before 2027. The developed areas have been positively identified as next to Manor Farm (150+ houses) and a field adjacent to The Knowlings (200 houses). The extra houses are not needed and there will be visual and noise disturbance from the Ardglen Industrial Estate and a rise in complaints of noise by the new residents. I know that some companies there are concerned about this. If built the new houses will be surrounded on three sides by industrial development should the area D3.21 to the north be developed.

    If the houses were to be built then access from Caesars Way is a non starter. The road is totally unsuitable for the increase in traffic and the disturbance it would create. The sightlines towards the A34 Bridge are inadequate and several near misses have been experienced due to speeding traffic entering Whitchurch. Twenty minutes ago I witnessed a near miss. It really is a problem. Access for emergency vehicles may be compromised by parked cars and the winding road. In snow the slight hill mid way up Caesars Way becomes dangerous if not impossible to drive up..

    Re The allotments:
    This land has been in use as allotments for many, many years. Just because St Cross want to build houses on it is not sufficient reason to evict the allotment holders from plots they have lovingly tended for years. The designated land is totally unsuited for any allotments without a huge amount of preparation.
    If the land were to be used for allotments the then idea of a community orchard is laudable were the land suitable for fruit trees. I can’t see any fruit tree growing and thriving there. I would think that a mixture of birch and beech trees would be successful. Native trees and plants were successfully growing on this field until the end of 2012 when St Cross devastated the whole lot but savagely cutting it all down. It was unnecessary and quite shocking that any charity dedicated to the wellbeing of older people should trash a wonderful field full of young, vibrant plants and wildlife, should behave like that. The northern part of the land should be left to revert to the Rose Bay Willowherb and Coltsfoot display in years past. It was and still could be a splendid sight, a wildlife area and community amenity that northern Whitchurch is woefully short of. Whatever the planting scheme, St Cross must undertake to care and if necessary replace any dead trees for the first 10 years.

    I watched the ‘ecological survey’ last year of the proposed new allotment area. It consisted of 12-15 approximately 70cm square sections of roofing felt badly placed no more than 4 metres from a busy dog walking path and extending along the field boundaries for 40 metres. Not one was placed towards the central part of the land. The roofing felt was continually disturbed by dogs and people. I expect that no wildlife was found simply because no wildlife lives in the area surveyed. The survey was incompetent and designed to fail. The HCC Biodiversity team agreed with me.
    I have seen several Slow Worms in addition to lizards, skylarks, lapwings, green woodpeckers and many other threatened species. There is a least one Barn Owl hunting in that area as well as Buzzards and Red Kites. All outside of the survey area but well within the planned allotments area.

    This all goes to show how disconnected St Cross is with its property and the local community. Frankly, St Cross has a bad reputation locally for disregarding peoples wishes. Instead of a neighbour it has turned into just another rapacious developer and all for what? Supporting 25 ‘brothers’ living in a medieval almshouse and looking after some buildings. St. Cross should consider the wellbeing of the 4400 people of Whitchurch before their own paltry needs.

  • bluefox

    ….IF this plan were to go ahead, vehicle access should be from 2 points; Ardglen Road and via Bloswood Drive (currently unmade). Access from Caeser`s Way is illogical and will actually generate traffic issues.

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