The BT Race Scoreboard shows Whitchurch in 5th place after the reshuffle.


A sweeping “interrogation” of the voting done by all towns in BT’s “Race to Infinity” contest has resulted in the rankings of many towns dropping, and one in particular to rise!

Whitchurch is now back into the top-5 towns in Britain after the town of Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders was downgraded to 6th from 2nd, after having its voting score cut from 92% to just 77%. The most dramatic change was for Castleton, Newport which saw its score cut from 78% to just 27%.

Andrew Reeves-Hall, a spokesperson for the Whitchurch Faster Broadband campaign team said, “We had seen the scores for a few towns rise dramatically over a short period of time in early December and did wonder why.”

BT confirmed to the Whitchurch Faster Campaign team that, “Abnormalities found during the interrogation [of all votes] had been looked into further, which resulted in the changes seen today”.

In a tweet from BT, they stated, “Votes have been removed for reasons like somebody having already voted at that location or address details not being correct”.


The campaign team is still asking everyone to vote in the race, as only those towns ending in the top-5 on December 31 will have a chance at winning £5000 of computer equipment for a town project – see HERE.

On the 20th, before the BT interrogation of votes, Whitchurch was in 6th place.

An example of an abnormality found, BT stated to the campaign team, was of multiple votes being sent in from a single computer. This was not an issue for the local voting, though, as the computers used by the campaigners, particularly the one at the White Hart, had been registered with BT at the start of the competition.


In a related matter, the campaign team started its own internal audit of votes registered by SMS text message.

Andrew Reeves-Hall said, “I found that a handful of votes that I had previously texted in were not counted when I checked them online. I reported this problem to BT last week. Today they told me that BT had outsourced the SMS texting system and there was a delay in having them show up in the score.”

Andrew continued, “I am now going through all the sheets I have to be sure that votes on them are registered”.


Leaflet no.2 including the Five Vote Challenge

The local campaign have launched a “Five Vote Challenge” to encourage more volunteers to knock on doors of places that may not have voted yet. A printed leaflet is available which has a form at the bottom to collect 5 votes. Volunteers who return the form by 29th December will have their name put in a draw for prizes, to be drawn at the broadband party.

The broadband party is being held at the White Hart on Wednesday 29 December at 7:30pm – see HERE.


The top five after the changes are now:

  1. Blewbury, Oxfordshire (92.7%)
  2. Baschurch, Shropshire (91.6%)
  3. Caxton, Cambridgeshire (90.4%)
  4. Madingley, Cambridgeshire (86.2%)
  5. Whitchurch, Hampshire (81.6%)