The Faster Broadband service is now being installed with residents obtaining speeds far in excess of what was previously available.
Last week we reported that orders were now being taken for some areas of the town, and the engineers have now been out making connections to those who ordered straight away.

The London Street Cabinet.

Speeds recorded today
Today the first connection to the cabinet in London Street was made with a recorded increase in download speed from 6.89Mbps before upgrade to 74.95Mbps after.
Upload improvement was from 0.58Mbps to 16.79Mbps.
See the Videos and Screenshots below.

Such speeds will enable working from home, downloading films, video conferencing and file sharing all much easier.

A long haul
The Faster Broadband for Whitchurch is a result of everyone’s hard work last year in winning the UK Race to Infinity, and the results are now starting to be seen as the fibre-optic based service is being introduced.
“It has been a long haul after BT’s delays but we are getting there at last” said a campaigner; “It will benefit individuals, organisations and businesses”.

To see if you have the service available check with BT or your own service provider as the Faster Broadband is being phased in over a period of time.

See the speeds of before and after today’s upgrade below:

Click Link:

Click Link:

Speedtest Screenshots:

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  • Chris Edens

    Well done Whitchurch, maybe Laverstoke Freefolk etc, if they know where we are.

  • Nigel Fergus

    Very nice, but no sign of any work being carried out for CAB 2 customers (FTTP) ?

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