Faster Snowmen in front of a Decorated Window

Terrific news – the Whitchurch Broadband campaign has hit the 75% mark!

Having gained 1845 votes out of the possible 2460, this major milestone means that BT will now actively engage with Whitchurch in installing faster broadband. That in itself is a major success.

But we MUST push on.

Whitchurch needs to be in that top five to ensure it a) is guaranteed faster broadband in early 2012 and b) has a chance of that £5000 of computer equipment for a community project, see HERE.

Faster chickens in Laverstoke


Vote HERE – you do not need to be a BT customer. You are not committing to buying anything. It’s a simple vote to tell BT to upgrade the Whitchurch telephone exchange fast!

So far we are doing brilliantly.