The faster broadband campaign for Whitchurch in BT’s “Race to Infinity” contest reached an important milestone at 10:51 this morning – vote number 1000 was cast!

1000 votes for Whitchurch, HampshireApart from bringing our voting percentage up to a remarkable 40.65% in just 2 weeks of campaigning, this important vote means the town is now ‘Officially Qualified’ in the race and now ranks 2nd in the entire UK!

Only towns with 1000 or more votes can be considered when the race closes on December 31st. The 5 towns in the UK with the highest percentage of votes on the closing date will have their telephone exchanges upgraded to use fast fibre-optic networking. There are 2460 possible votes in Whitchurch – so, that means another 1,460 votes can still be cast.

Now the campaign enters phase 2: getting our percentage as close to 100% as possible by New Year’s Eve. The leading town in the race currently has a whopping 64% score.

Thanks must go not only to you, the voters, but also to the numerous volunteers, businesses and our town council for the tremendous efforts put in to get the vote out.

If you haven’t voted yet – VOTE ONLINE NOW or by text message: just text the word INFINITY followed by your NAME POSTCODE and HOUSE NUMBER/NAME to 80010, for example (you should receive a confirmation text saying your vote has been counted):

  • INFINITY Bob Smith RG28 7RG 37
  • INFINITY Mary Bloggs RG28 7GL Duck Cottage