The people of Whitchurch have re-elected Eric Dunlop (Liberal Democrats) as local councillor at Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council (B&DBC).

Eric will rejoin Keith Watts (Liberal Democrats), who was re-elected in 2010, in representing the town on Borough Council matters.

Full results:

Eric Dunlop (Liberal Democrats) 791 (52.9%)
Ian Richard Green (Conservatives) 526 (35.2%)
Nuria Pett (Labour) 164 (11.0%)

Turnout: 1,494 out of possible 4,117 (36%), 8 spoiled votes (0.1%)

Note: a query has been asked of B&DBC as the numbers do not tally (791+526+164+8 = 1489 instead of 1494; and the electorate appears to have dropped from 4144 in 2010 to 4117 this year, as reported by B&DBC – this page will be updated once B&DBC electoral services provide clarification

UPDATE: B&DBC have stated only that the electoral services team went home at lunch – without replying to the query – and will not be back in until Tuesday

Full election details and the official documents are on the Basingstoke and Deane website –
ELECTORAL SERVICES which should be taken as the definitive information.

The Whitchurch Town Website and its team would very much like to congratulate Eric for his success in the election.

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  • Harriet

    Big Congrats Eric, you work hard and deserve it

  • kate muff

    Well done Eric, You work so hard, you truly deserve it

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