Garden BonfireThe following has been received by the community website:


“Bonfires in gardens should not be lit until after 6pm and there is a problem with a person in the caravan park area that lights a smouldering fire it seems every dry nice day.
So for instance today I opened all my windows while working in the garden and now my house stinks.
Also people are saying it’s the scouts, when it is not”

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council say:

There is nothing in law to say that people can’t have bonfires. However, what you are not entitled to do is cause a statutory nuisance. The council receives many domestic nuisance complaints every year, and smoke from bonfires is one of the most common complaints.

Bonfires can be very annoying to neighbours and can give rise to a statutory nuisance if it is regular, prolonged or the materials being burned don’t lend themselves to a good ‘clean’ burn. The smoke, ash and smells may prevent your neighbours from enjoying their gardens, opening windows or hanging out washing. Smoke can also reduce visibility on roads if a bonfire is not properly controlled or the wind is strong in a particular direction.

If the nuisance cannot be resolved amicably it can be reported here: