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A huge wooden viking ship when up in flames at this year's Hallowe'en bonfire and fireworks event.

The Whitchurch Festival volunteers organised another great Hallowe’en bonfire and fireworks show on the Meadow again this year. It was very well attended and raised much needed funds to support other Festival events and local good causes.

(See below for a video of highlights from the evening)

James Thorogood, secretary of the Festival committee said, “Thanks to everyone that helped at firework night – we pulled it off and it was an amazing night once again.”

He continued, “We raised £2700 in gate donations and at the stalls. There were around 1500 spectators. It will be on again roughly the same time next year: The last Saturday in October – so write it into your diary!”

Rob Dunlop, chair of the Festival committee said, “Thanks to everyone who bust their backsides to make it possible and full thanks to everyone who turned out.”

Our congratulations and thanks go out to all the volunteers who helped out in so many ways to make the night a huge success.

Other upcoming Festival events will be advertised in our Events diary and at WHITCHURCH FESTIVAL.

A video of the evening’s fun is on YouTube HERE.

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