Georgia and Ben of Bitter Ruin perform on a "glamourous" stage.

Brighton based band ‘Bitter Ruin‘ came to Whitchurch on Saturday night, the last venue on their month-long UK 2011 tour.

The 4 year old band played to a packed audience at the Gill Nethercott Centre after opening act Jack Wiseman.

Bitter Ruin created a “virtual stage” by laying out tea candles on the floor and projecting an image of stage curtains behind them.

Opening act was Jack Wiseman


Georgia Train who is the lead singer said, “It’s pretty strange playing Whitchurch I have to admit but we have done a lot of drama and community centre events before, and I have to say this is the most glamourous one so far and you guys rock!”

Ben Richards who plays guitar and sings in the band said, “Stephen Fry tweeted about us. He said that we were ‘initially disturbing but ultimately brilliant’. I’ve got that tattooed now on my arm!”

Classic guitarist Vincent Lindsey-Clark chats with lead singer Georgia Train after the Bitter Ruin show.


In the audience were several local musicians, including Vincent Lindsey-Clark who writes songs for classical guitar and plays at concerts around the world when not teaching at Southampton University.

Vincent said, “The standard of [Bitter Ruin’s] song writing is beyond anything I’ve seen in many, many years. Fantastic.”

Another local musician in the audience, Andrew Monk of The Four Fathers (a five piece band) gave his impression of the opening act: “Jack [Wiseman] was so cool. The drama of the way that he comes across with his energy…Fantastic.”

An after-concert party was held at the White Hart.


Next week, Bitter Ruin are going to attempt to get independent music into the UK charts. They told the audience that their song “Trust (official single 2011)” will be available for download from October 3 on various sites including iTunes and Amazon. They hope to break into the charts after 5,000 downloads.

Local resident and Whitchurch Arts member Andrew Reeves-Hall took along his compact camera to capture a few of the songs, and interview the band – unfortunately, the small camera had only a basic microphone which could not capture the full range of the performance. He said the band reminded him of the creativity of Arcade Fire.


Some of the songs from the concert will be available on the Whitchurch Arts YouTube channel, including this one here, called Soldier – the band’s opening song.

An interview of the band members, Georgia Train and Ben Richards, after the show was recorded for this website and is available here.

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  • Mike Stead

    Spot-on write-up. Having been a fan for a little over two months I was expecting great, but what we got was jaw-dropping. In person the impact of their performance is something else. I’m sure when they return the place will sell out in minutes, everyone there said they’d come back for more. Jack wanted to move to Whitchurch on the spot.

    We very nearly had an acoustic-only set after confusion over who was providing the PA system (they are used to playing much larger venues where PA’s are part of the deal), however in true Whitchurch spirit Dr Paul Barber and Andrew Monk rallied around and got a load of band gear loaned, thanks very much guys! The Vaudeville curtain backdrop was completely spur-of-the-moment, after the band asked if they could plug their laptop into the GNC’s projector, which doubled as a spotlight. A new use for it which I’m sure will be repeated now we know how easy it was.


  • Mike S

    Looks like a very interesting place to have played!

    I have a lot of time for Mr Clark – his compositions are among my favourite pieces of classical guitar to play, and to see him in the audience was very fine.

  • Andrew Reeves-Hall

    Their single is out today – “Trust (Official Single 2011)” – and by spending 79p to download it this week, you can help them get it into the charts, and possibly they’ll become the first independent, unsigned band with a song in the top 40! Download from iTunes or Amazon MP3.

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