Dangerous hole caused by a vehicle being driven on the pavement. (click picture to enlarge)


Damage to pavements, street furniture and even buildings by today’s traffic can be very dangerous for anyone walking around town.

Latest damage is a telephone service cover in the pavement along London Street which was broken when a heavy vehicle went over it recently.

The damage has been reported and the hole is presently ‘protected’ by traffic cones.

Vehicles often mount the pavements here.

This section of road is noted for drivers using the pavement to pass others and can be very hazardous particularly as the footway is also narrow and an important access to local shops and businesses.

The drivers of large lorries, buses and cars are regularly putting pedestrians at risk along this stretch.

The town website would like to hear of any incidents concerning traffic issues for possible future use.

Please send to contact@whitchurch.org.uk

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