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It has recently come to the attention of the Police that there may be a scam going around.

There are certain people who are saying they work for TalkTalk or a similar internet company, asking residents if they have received their free internet package. If the resident says “no” then the rogue traders ask to come in and have a look at the computer.

PCSO Ben Howard is asking if you receive any callers like this, please report to the Police on 101.

Be extra vigilant and check the trader’s IDs and whatever you do, don’t let them in your house.


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  • Name witheld

    These people have just been round to my house on bere hill, they looked like schoolboys, have informed the police on 101.

  • Name Withheld

    As already mentioned in a comment, we had these people come to the door earlier this evening. We said we were happy with our internet which is on an 18-month contract, they left as soon as we said that.

    Although this report doesn’t actually say what the scam is at all…

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