Is Whitchurch closer to losing its public loos?

Last year an article appeared here regarding a possible closure of the Bell Street public conveniences, as part of a Basingstoke and Deane Council cost-cutting exercise.
An idea included giving businesses such as pubs or cafés, funds to allow use of their facilities by passers-by.

The Town Council had been asked to give their opinions and is opposed to closure.
They have said:

“We don’t think this is a practical alternative. It doesn’t seem to take into account differing opening times, security for the businesses, or the need to provide disabled facilities, and the Town Council is fighting the closure.”

The Borough Council is now to survey and visit local businesses, community centres and shops to see if such a “community toilet provision” can be provided.

The Town Council does not believe such an arrangement will work, but if the loos are closed by the Borough, and the town wishes to retain them, then the costs would almost certainly fall on local people.

Comments can be sent to the Town Council.

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  • Julie Frost

    Surely if the provision of public toilets are covered by the large bill we all receive every March/April? I am of course referring to our council tax. I have had to use them before now, and have been grateful that they are open! I agree with the town council, we need them to remain open, we should not have to bear the cost of their up-keep as a consequence though…

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