Bell Street Car Park signA list of possible improvements to Bell Street Car Park were presented to the Town Council.
This follows regular concerns over a number of aspects, including misuse of reserved surgery spaces, use for long-term parking, and flooding.


Proposals for improvements are:

Bell Street Car park 01 20191. Introduction of a number of spaces with a time limit – say maximum stay of 2 hours no return within 2 hours.
Suggest 25% of car park spaces.
Reason: To provide spaces for shoppers / visitors and deter some of the all day parking whilst retaining some for those who work in the town and need longer provision.

Consideration of the rough grassed area adjacent to the gravelled area for addition of spaces.
Reason: replace a few spaces that may be lost and possibly add a few more, due to…

Rearrange spaces near car park entrance to allow a minibus/small coach parking space for visitors.
Reason: To promote visitors to the town.

Flooding at Bell Street Car Park.

Flooding at Bell Street Car Park.

Resurface the back area that gets flooded and provide it with adequate drainage.
Reason: To keep all spaces useable all the time.

Introduction of at least two electric vehicle charging points also incorporating facility for cycle/motor cycle charging.
Reason: To encourage more environmentally friendly transport and in line with the new parking SPD (Supplementary Planning Document).

Provision of a covered cycle shelter near surgery.
Reason: to encourage less car use.

Tidying up to include planting on the small area where trees were removed in the centre.
Reason: to ensure a softness to the otherwise harsh landscape.

Bell Street Car park 02 2019Replacement of large map on public conveniences outside wall with a new up-to-date version.
Reason: It is misleading, out-of-date and gives a poor impression to visitors.

Tidy up Recycling point, keep the bin area regularly clean and reinstate collection of plastic waste point with space for other collection options when introduced.

The list will now be sent to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.

The Town Council’s Decision as Minuted was:

Cllr J Buckley PROPOSED that the proposals are submitted to BDBC for consideration in their review of Bell Street car park and a response requested on each item; SECONDED by Cllr J Wall.
The vote was unanimous, and the Motion was carried.

The list will now be sent to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and a response awaited.