Beany inspects the washing basket. Have you seen him?

When a family pet goes missing it can be a very harrowing time.


Beany, a creamy white and very fluffy cat has gone for a wander from his home in Test Road.

Perhaps he has just off to meet some friends, or to do some hunting, but his owners are very worried, as cats tend not to tell their ‘owners’ where they go, or when they will be back.

Beany may have gone into a shed or outbuilding and been accidentally shut in. If you see him about could you please call his owner as it is very upsetting.

He won’t get into trouble when he returns, and there will be big hugs and the most comfortable spot in the house waiting for him.

Please call: 01256 896881

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  • Olivia Snell

    I saw him today walking down Test road! It was about 16:05 and I gave him a stroke. He was just sat outside on the pavement it wasn’t very far down Test Road a couple of houses at most. If i’d known at the time I would have taken him back to his owners. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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