FootballsBasingstoke Town Football Club have announced that they in talks over a potential ground-sharing arrangement with Whitchurch Utd.

Such a move could potentially bring enormous benefits to both the local club and to the town.

Basingstoke Town, who play in the Southern League Premier Division, are having to move from their Camrose Road ground in Basingstoke, which is planned for redevelopment.
It is understood is that next season they may use Farnborough Town’s ground before moving to Whitchurch for 2018/19 onwards, or until they can find a permanent site.

Mr David Knight, CEO of Basingstoke Town FC has said

“the club has entered into discussions with Whitchurch United to explore a long-term ground-sharing possibility.”

As Basingstoke play at a higher level than the local Wessex League Jam Boys, considerable upgrading of the Whitchurch Longmeadow facilities would be required.
As well as installation of a full size 4G artificial pitch, these are likely to include new changing facilities, and upgraded provisions for officials and supporters.
Such a move could also bring much needed new trade to local businesses, pubs and shops and could boost the local economy.