A little drizzle at the start did not put off the couple of hundred people who came down to the Millennium Meadow to enjoy this year’s bonfire and fireworks event, which was delayed from its original October date due to poor weather.

A big KABOOM! announced the lighting of the bonfire: a few tonnes of wood arranged into the shape of a pirate ship. The “cannons” erupted with fireworks just as the “ship” started to burn.

The fireworks show began shortly after, at 6:20pm. There was a fiery collection of pops and bangs – and smoke! The layer of smoke added to the atmosphere as bigger and bigger fireworks were let off.

The highlight of the show has to have been the spinning fireworks that caused ‘oohhhs’ and ‘ahhhs’ to come from the crowd.

Not to be forgotten is the tasty food, tea, and ales – and of course ice cream! – that was served up to a hungry, and thirsty, crowd.

Congratulations to the Festival volunteers and fireworks crew who made tonight a fun evening out; a special mention goes to St. John Ambulance who assisted with a minor injury or two from the bonfire lighting.

(click on thumbnails to see a larger version of the picture)

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