road works signLATE NEWS – please don’t shoot the Messenger.

The B3400 is to be closed on Thursday 17th July at Overton for emergency drainage work.

Diversions will be in place from 9.00am until the work is finished (there is no news on how long this may be)

Bus stops out of use Whitchurch – Overton – Buses re-routed
This will affect the No.76 Bus between Whitchurch and Basingstoke with all bus stops between Whitchurch Square and Overton Traffic Lights out of use.
The 76 will travel from Whitchurch via the A34 and A303 before taking the C29 to Overton before continuing its journey to Basingstoke.
This will cause delays to the normal timetable.

Diversion through Overton
There is an ‘official diversion route within Overton taking some narrow back street which are not deemed suitable by the bus company for larger vehicles. There may be days and congestion and has been said “The thought of two HGVs meeting on the diversion route is not one to dwell on.”

The work is being managed by Hampshire County Council.