The 2011 prize winning team from Testbourne.

A video called ‘B is for Apple‘ made by students at Testbourne Community School has won at the award for Best Story at the ‘Kid Witness News’ European competition held in Hamburg on 20th May.

The video already won the UK Grand Prix and UK Best Story-telling awards at the ‘Kid Witness News’ UK competition held in Derby back on the 4th May 2011.

The video highlights the important role bees play in our lives, and what would happen if we didn’t have any. Whitchurch bee keeper Mike Barrie was interviewed by the students in the video.

The video is now on YouTube: B is for Apple.

Peter Hallmann, head of performing arts at Testbourne, said it was the school’s third visit to the European awards. Last year, Testbourne were winners too – see that story HERE.

Websites for the KWN programme are at and

A 'green screen' was used to make the winning video

Aside: the video uses green screen technology, the kind of system just won by the primary school as part of the Faster Broadband community prize – hopefully they can soon follow in Testbourne’s footsteps!