Crime logoIn broad daylight today (Wednesday), there was an attempted break in at the new Mill Springs housing development, off Winchester Road.

At around 1.10pm a person was witnessed by the householder attempting to gain access to their property.

The individual was described as a white male, slim build, ginger hair.
He was wearing a black hooded jacket, with hood up, early 20’s.
He rang the doorbell before attempting to get into the garden.

The incident has been reported to the Police on 101.

Shortly after this incident in a nearby area it was reported on social media that there were “a couple of  shifty guys around our estate at around 2pm”.

Be vigilant
Householders are urged to be vigilant and if anyone has any information or sees anyone acting suspiciously it should be reported.
Make sure doors and windows are secure locked and sheds and outhouses are securely locked.

Call the Police on 101 and in emergencies, and if a crime is seen to be underway, call 999.