The light and airy Gill Nethercott Centre is ideal for displaying art works.

A steady stream of visitors through the doors of the Gill Nethercott Centre enjoyed some of the wealth of artistic talent to be found in the town.

The natural light of the buildings large windows set off the colour and vibrancy in many of the works displayed, ranging from oils and water colours to stained glass and photography. The theme was ‘Dreams’, and many of the exhibits had taken this to some deep meanings.

Whitchurch Arts exhibitions are known for involving the local community and this one, organised by Jude Price is no different. As well as works for the Off the Walls project which displays creativity in local businesses and public buildings, there were drawings and paintings from the Youth Club. These had been produced at their Chill2Us evening and arranged by local student Emma Sherman. Meanwhile children were also being encouraged to both colour in a book on ‘Alfred’ and to test their creative talents on decorating cup cakes with the assistance of new Whitchurch Arts Chairperson Kate Biggs.

Stained glass by Steve Morris

Community involvement continues on Sunday with a display of 42 bollard designs created by the children at the primary school. 42? It was a total coincidence, but many will know that 42 is the ‘Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything’.
So back to Dreams.

The Exhibition reopens on Sunday at 10.00am and closes at 4.00pm.

Free entry. Refreshments available.

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  • the Mayor and Mayoress

    The Mayoress and I went to the Dreams Art Exhibition on both Saturday and Sunday. We were inspired by the wide range of ‘art’ and the first class real community feel to the exhibition.
    Well done, and many thanks, to all those who displayed their creations and to those who worked so hard for the enjoyment and inspiration of those of us who were priveliged to attend.

    Cllr Barry and Mrs Sandra Jackman

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