The Parish Hall presently being refurbished

A supply of new chairs is required by the Whitchurch Parish Hall, presently undergoing improvements, and due to reopen towards the end of the year. The Hall has put out a plea for donations of £10 per person in order to fund their need.

“We need 400 people to donate £10 each…”

This further request to local people to support the Hall follows £170,000 reported as being raised privately that is already enabling the refurbishment, after funding was not forthcoming from a number of bodies.

The Hall is having a new kitchen, toilets, flooring and ceiling as well as a number of other improvements to bring it up to a higher standard.
The Parish Hall Chair Fund will help it to run the wide range of activities promised. These will hopefully be presented at the Annual General Meeting which has been announced as in December (exact date not yet provided).

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  • Lyn Fuoco

    why dont you do a sponsor a chair and engrave or somehow put the sponsor names on the back of the chair

  • joan howell

    good idea I will certainly sponsor achair

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