For the second year running it seems nesting swans in the area may be being caused distress. Last year reports of a nest and its eggs being disturbed were passed to the police, statements from witnesses made, and the case eventually went to court.

The town website has received a report of a further serious incident that involved a possible attack on the birds themselves.

Today on the River Test.

A source has told the website:

“I would ask people to be vigilant when walking by the river and pass on this information to other local folk that might like to keep an eye on our valued wildlife. Hopefully we will end up with enough locals walking and watching in the area that opportunities for further attacks will become impossible.”


“I feel very strongly that their right to nest and raise cygnets in Whitchurch is iimportant … and that the majority of us enjoy watching them do so and would like to protect them from despicable acts.”

Fishing on the Test.

Rivers have many uses ranging from fishing to taking walks, and from nature education to watching the ducks with the children. However the reports we have received shows that vigilance is indeed necessary as there can be no excuse for unnecessary harm to wildlife.

If anyone sees anything suspicious they should report it to the Police as soon as possible.

Call 101 straight away.


It is understood that the most recent incident has been reported.

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  • nikki hack

    hi i walked by the this afternoon and the cob was swimming up the river

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